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Via Monzoro, 46, 20010 Cornaredo MI, Italia

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About NCC Group Italia

NCC Group Italia Srl was set up in December 2007 and it was born from the fusion of several operating companies in the field of Chauffeur, in response to one of the main problems of today's companies for what concerns the mobility and flexibility to achieve quality cost.

NCC Group Italia is made up of a group of experienced professionals who know how to manage the fleet and select the best cars and the best drivers on the market.

Efficiency and reducing costs are expertly complemented by an innovative vision of service and it offers flexibility, quality assurance, and formulas for long-term rentals are unique in the industry.

Today NCC Group is the leader in Italy rent a car with driver in Milan, but has a good market share in other cities thank to strengthen partnerships in Rome, Florence, Naples, Turin, Venice.

The core business is car rental and luxury minivan with driver, but it has always worked well in the rental of Minibus and Bus Touring.

About our fleet

Vehicles with a maximum of 2 years of life, equipped with every safety option to travel comfortably in total safety; Insured with top-class ceilings (25 mln) Cars regularly checked and checked in authorized workshops Drivers subject to security checks and courses NCC GROUP ITALIA Srl operates in full compliance with the D.L. 81 (Consolidated Law on Safety at Work)

Our delayed flight policy

All our drivers are used to monitor every incoming flight so as to be on time before landing. From the moment of landing one hour waiting is included. Beyond the waiting time, the non-portioning cost of € 40,00€+10%VAT per hour will be applied.

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