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Call + 33 6 82 40 77 62

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59 Allée du Marais, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

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About Chamonix Alpes Transferts

Private driver and taxi company, specialised in airport transferts around Suisse, france and Italy. A high level quality car, mercedes V class, for 6 customers ; Set in Chamonix valley, we propose city rides, night life, ski life, or airport transferts, any time, any hour, just call...

But also transfers in the alps, Zermatt, Montreux, Lugano, Milano... Annecy, Lyon, ...

Of course, We can propose you conciergerie for your all holidays in Chamonix Valley, for 12 hours a day or 24 hours...

You're more than 6 people, say it when request your quote, we 'll propose you more cars, same level, high quality.

About our fleet

The vehicule use in our company is a Mercedes Van , V class II, 6 customers can use it; all comfort, VIP set, salon, or business, just tell us what your prefer, and we'll install it for you. Big bay for luggages, and ski roof in winter. Driver lives in Chamonix Valley, he knows all the journeys, can be in France, Suisse or Italy.

Our delayed flight policy

Delayed flight, we wait for the price accepted by the customer one hour after the pick up time. If the flight is delayed more than one hour the price will be increased of 35 euros/hour. We get appli for following flights, so that the driver will not wait for nothing at the airport. Exemple, the flight N° EZ 24556 previoused at 8h45 AM is delayed at 5h30 PM. The driver will not go at the airport for 8h45 am, and we'll do our best to respect the pick up at 5h30 pm. A text message is always send to the customer to give him that information.

Transport / Taxi Licence Number of Chamonix Alpes Transferts


This licence was issued by:

  Ministère de l'environnement, Direction des services de transport, transport routier des voyageurs

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Chamonix Alpes Transferts transport licence

Mobile telephone number

+ 33 6 82 40 77 62

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