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Call +393454176063

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Rione IX Pigna, 00186 Roma RM, Italia

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About Emanuele Pace

Limo service with a professional driver, English speaker.

Vehicle: Mercedes Van "V-TOURER" Black or similar.

Free WiFi.

About our fleet

Mercedes Benz Van "V-Tourer" New model Black Tinted windows Free WiFi 8 seats Limo and business setup MAX: 8 PAX // MAX: 5 large cases and 3/4 hand luggage size cases

Our delayed flight policy

My policy Delayed flights: I'll monitor the flight and if I'm not sure to arrive on time I'll send you one of my colleagues. Night FEE: The night start at 22:00 and finish at 6:00 (+15% extra charge)

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  Avezzano (AQ)

  This taxi / airport transfer company has not uploaded a copy of their licence.

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