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Call 0041792429170

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bernex, 1233 Genève, Switzerland

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About Ardley Limousine

Transfers to destinations in Switzerland and France from Geneva Airport.

About our fleet

Mercedes Benz Viano 4X4 Business Class Limousine. Up to 7 passengers with 5 standard peices of luggage plus carry on luggage. Best, most reliable vehicle for ski resort transfers, groups, long trips etc.

Our delayed flight policy

We track the flight details and adjust the pick up time accordingly. There are no additional charges for flight delays.

Transport / Taxi Licence Number of Ardley Limousine


This licence was issued by:

  Registre du commerce de Geneve

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Ardley Limousine transport licence

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About us

We launched after running an airport transfer business in the French Alps.

We believe that the best quality airport transfers are offered by the small local companies who care about what they do and know exactly where they are going!

Not only do we want to help people find the best transfers at the best price, we also want to help taxis and small airport transfer companies to fill their vehicles by sending them more transfer requests than they might normally receive. has therefore been created to offer a collective platform for all of the local transfer companies out there who want to attract more direct bookings. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find and book with the best local taxis and airport transfer operators.

As a customer, all you need to do is enter your journey details on our home page and we will send this information to local taxi and airport transfer companies who will contact you with quotes.

If you are a taxi or airport transfer company, visit our new transfer company page to become a part of our network.

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