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FAQ About Finding Airport Transfers On FindTransfers.com:

Is the FindTransfers.com website free to use?

FindTransfers.com is completely free of charge for people looking for airport transfers. Simply contact airport transfer operators directly through our site for no obligation quotes for your next airport transfers!

I do not know my exact flight times, can I still ask for taxi quotes?

It is still possible to ask for quotes, although airport transfer operators can give more accurate quotes if they have all of the necessary information. That is to say, without exact flight times, treat any quotes as a guide.

Can I pay for my taxi or airport transfers by credit card?

Any payments for airport transfers or taxi journeys are made directly between you and the airport transfer company that you choose. The company should mention which payment methods they accept on their FindTransfers profile page. We recommend that you only pay for taxis or airport transfers by secure methods. NEVER send cash by post to an Airport Transfer operator, and NEVER pay through a money transfer service such as Moneygram or Western Union.

Am I booking Airport Transfers with FindTransfers.com?

No, we are not an Airport Transfer Operator, or Agent. This site simply provides a way of finding and contacting Airport Transfer Companies in various locations. Any bookings made are between you and your chosen Airport Transfer Company.

How can I join FindTransfers.com if I am a taxi / transfer company?

If you are an Airport Transfer Operator, please visit the Transfer Operators page to sign up. For other enquiries, please email hello@FindTransfers.com

Why do I have to wait for quotes from taxis and airport transfer companies?

Every quote that you receive for airport transfers or a taxi via the FindTransfers.com system is specific to your needs. We could show the standard price lists of the transfer companies but often certain companies will be able to offer a better price due to their schedule fitting in with your journey.

When will I receive quotes for the transfers I have requested?

Each quote is sent to you personally by local airport transfer and taxi companies. Some will reply very quickly, others will take a few days. You will receive all quotes within 4 days.

How do I book transfers?

First of all you need to make a request in our system. Search for transfers from our home page and then fill in the request form. Local companies will then send you their best offers and you will be able to compare these on one page in your FindTransfers account. Each offer will have a "Book now" button next to it.

Why did I not receive any quotes for my airport transfers / taxi journey?

In some areas we only have a small number of companies and they are not always available to carry out your request. We are working hard to find more transfer companies to participate.

I need last-minute airport transfers - what should I do?

If you need last minute airport transfers, it is best to telephone the companies listed on FindTransfers.com directly. Make a search from our home page and you will see a list of local companies.

About FindTransfers

We believe that the best quality airport transfers are offered by the small local companies who care about what they do and know exactly where they are going! Not only do we want to help people find the best transfers at the best price, we also want to help taxi drivers and small airport transfer companies fill their vehicles by sending them more customers.

FindTransfers.com has therefore been developed to offer a platform for local transfer companies to attract more bookings. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find and book with the best local taxis and airport transfer operators.

As a customer, all you need to do is enter your journey details on our home page and local taxi and airport transfer companies will give you their best offers. If you are a taxi or airport transfer company, visit our new transfer company page to become a part of our network.